Bereavement Services

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Grief is our natural response to loss. When we lose someone or something that holds great value to us, the grieving process gives us the opportunity to say goodbye to that important piece of our life – and to make peace with the new “normal” that will come as we move forward, heal, and grow. 

For those dealing with grief, bereavement, anticipatory grief, ambiguous grief, and chronic sorrow these resources and tools can help those who are struggling to cope with loss and who need a helping hand to process their grief.

The Hills of Headwaters Collaborative is fortunate to include multiple community partners which specialize in grief and bereavement. 

Click below for more information on services available in the Caledon-Dufferin region

Bethell Hospice - Bereavement Services and Supports

Bethell Hospice has a comprehensive bereavement program. Support from the team of highly skilled professionals is available to individuals of all ages, and is free of charge. Services include: 1:1 supportive counselling, support groups, spiritual care, music and art therapy, therapeutic touch, special interest workshops and webinars, and more.

Hospice Dufferin - Bereavement Services and Supports

Hospice Dufferin Bereavement Programs include: one-on-one support from a spiritual care coordinator, monthly mailing to grieving family members, and a lending library of information for adults and children.

Additional Resources in Caledon-Dufferin