Caregivers in the Hills: Sarah’s Story

It was a mild March day when a local film crew knocked on the door of Caregivers in the Hills member Sarah Hudson’s home. Sarah volunteered to share her story as a way to build awareness about the program within the community.

The walls of Sarah’s home are adorned with framed photos of her daughters, shelves are lovingly stacked with books and crafting supplies and the family pup was tucked away safely from the hustle and bustle of the camera crew and their bright lights.

Sarah’s daughter has special needs that make it trying for her to advocate for herself, especially when she doesn’t look like she has a disability. When Sarah wears her Caregiver badge in health care settings she feels it helps indicate that there might be an issue or hurdle and that’s why she’s there to support her daughter.

Caregivers in the Hills is a FREE program supported by Hills of Headwaters Collaborative. We are working to increase awareness among health and social care workers of the demands placed on caregivers. Our Caregivers in the Hills identification badge helps care providers recognize and validate your role as a caregiver.

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