Supporting early breast cancer detection through the 2023 Mammothon

October is breast cancer awareness month and Headwaters Health Care Centre is supporting individuals through its 2023 Mammothon, a breast cancer screening marathon during October dedicated to booking more mammograms to help prevent breast cancer through early detection. 

Did you know that getting screened early will often lead to preventative cancer treatment? Hills of Headwaters Collaborative Ontario Health Team (HOHC OHT) has launched, a new website aimed at increasing the number of people can be screened for cancer in Dufferin and Caledon. Early-stage identification provides the best chance of cancer detection, prevention, and recovery. 

Every person with a Headwaters Health Care Centre screening mammography appointment scheduled during the month of October will be automatically entered to win a gift basket draw prize, filled with goodies from local, supporting businesses. Winners will be announced after November 1. 

If you’re eligible, it’s as easy as scheduling a screening mammography at Headwaters – no referral needed. Book your screening mammogram during the 2023 Mammothon by calling Headwaters Health Care Centre Diagnostic Imaging (519) 941-2410 ext. 2842, open Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

As a certified Ontario Breast Assessment Centre, Headwaters Health Care Centre’s Breast Assessment program offers patients the complete circle of care in breast health, closer to home. From testing to diagnosis to treatment, patients are supported and cared for by dedicated health team of diagnostic imaging technologists, radiologists and surgeons through our Breast Diagnostic Assessment Program. 

Facts about breast cancer and breast screening 

  • Only 59% of women in Dufferin/Caledon are up-to-date with mammograms, and HOHC OHT is aiming to increase this to 63.5% in the next year.
  • Who is eligible for a mammogram?
    Ontario residents (women, Two-Spirit, trans and nonbinary people ages 50 to 74), and persons with implants may be eligible for mammograms every one to two years based on medical and family history at an Ontario Breast Screening Program site, such as Headwaters Health Care Centre. 
  • How to get checked for breast cancer?
    Get a mammogram, which is a highly effective screening test for breast cancer.
  • What is a mammogram?
    A mammograph is an x-ray of the breast that can find abnormal changes in the breast,
    even when they may be too small to feel or see.
  • How do I book a mammogram?
    Eligible participants can self-refer for a mammogram by calling the Ontario Breast Screening Program site where you had your last mammogram, or call Headwaters Health Care Centre to book your next mammogram:

    Phone: (519) 941-2410 ext. 2842
    Open Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

“By increasing the number of people who get screened for breast cancer, we will be able to make a real difference in breast cancer prevention in our community. Getting screened early may find pre-cancerous cells that could become cancer if left untreated. Screening helps find breast cancer early, before it has spread, making it easier to treat.”

– Dr. Matthew Tenenbaum, Associate Medical Officer of Health, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health, and community partner, Hills of Headwaters Collaborative Ontario Health Team 


Hills of Headwaters Collaborative Ontario Health Team aims to increase cancer screening among all Dufferin/Caledon residents but will focus on key priority populations for Dufferin/Caledon based on data from Ontario Health. 

During the pandemic, there was a decline in accessing preventive cancer screening – mammograms, PAP tests and colorectal tests – in populations eligible for free testing, resulting in identifying cancer at a later stage. HOHC OHT aims to bring cancer screening rates back to at least pre-pandemic levels. 

For more information preventive cancer screening, who should get screened and where to get screened in Dufferin and Caledon, visit

“Unfortunately, many of us know someone affected by breast cancer. With early detection and diagnosis available at Headwaters, we can save lives. The 2023 Mammothon gives our community a chance to focus on their health. As a certified Breast Assessment Centre, Headwaters is here for our community providing high-quality care and expertise close to home – during Breast Cancer Awareness month and every month of the year. “

– Dr. Grace Wang, Chief of Staff, Vice President, Medical Affairs and Surgeon Headwaters Health Care Centre


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